Hidirellez Festival

Thought to bring happiness and wish fulfillment, Hidirellez marks the day, acc to local turkic traditions, on which Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام meet Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام every year

Turkey, Syria, Crimea, Moldova




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Hidirellez is one of the seasonal holidays celebrated in the Turkic world.

Celebrated as the day on which Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام, a major spiritual figure who is believed to have helped those in distress, and Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام (Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام), believed to be the ruler of the seas, met on earth.

Hidirellez has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

On the evening before Hidirellez, people draw their wishes such as a home, car and child on a piece of paper and attach it to the branch of the rose tree or reflect it on the soil at the bottom of the tree.

It is believed that all the wishes and prayers come true on the eve and the very day of Hidirellez.


Hidirellez starts on May 5 night and falls on May 6 in the Gregorian calendar and April 23 (St. George’s day for the Christians) in the Julian calendar.

It is celebrated in Turkey, Syria, Crimea and many other parts of the world.

It celebrates the arrival of spring. People pray on this day whatever their wishes are.

Đurđevdan is the Christian variety of this spring festival throughout the Balkans, notably areas which had come under the control of the Ottoman Empire by the end of the 16th century.

Hidirellez is regarded as one of the most important seasonal bayrams (festivals) in both Turkey and parts of the Middle East.

Story of the prophets

Hidirellez tradition is not limited to the Turkic world and Anatolian geography, but is also celebrated in Iraq, Syria and Balkan countries. “According to the belief, Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام and Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام meet under a rose tree at night that connects May 5 to May 6 each year.

Therefore, it is believed that the day on which these two holy figures meet brings everything that they touch to blessings, fortunes and health.

It is due to this belief that people tie a cloth to the rose branch and trees, while the sick roll on the grass, wash and purify with the water of that night.

According to popular belief, Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام and prophet Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام meet only once every year.

It is believed that Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام aids and guides those who stranded on the land and also brings abundance, while prophet Hz. Ilyas عليه اسلام is the protector of seas.

Since they symbolize abundance and fertility, it is believed that everything they step on grows green, everything they touch gets fruitful and heals.

Celebrated in the world in many names

In different parts of the world Hidirellez is also known as Ağrice, May 6, Agiu Giorgi, St. George Day, Spring Festival, Ederlez, Eğrice, Eğrilce, Hederlez, Hıdrellez, Hıderles, Khider-Elyas, İderlez, First Summer, Mantifer, Mar Curcos, and Aid Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام. The Roma people, who celebrate Hidirellez as a holiday, also call this day “Kakava.”


Also Known as Aid Hz. Khizr عليه اسلام, it is also one of the most important social celebrations in Syria, but mainly practiced in the rural areas.

Rituals take place annually on May 6. People, Muslims and Christians, regardless of their religious affiliation, celebrate the living Alkhidr prophet that is St. George or Mar Georgeos.