House of Hz. Imam Ali عليه اسلام in Kufa

Not much remains of the original house but nevertheless, this is the exact spot where Imam Ali عليه اسلام with Ahl-e-bayt lived, a site not to be missed in your visit Kufa

Kufa, Iraq

Coordinates: 32.028037, 44.399768

This house is the reconstructed structure in the original place where it is said Imam Ali عليه اسلام and Ahl-e-bayt lived.

This is the house in which Imam Ali عليه اسلام spent his last years before he was martyrd by the poisoned sword

Originally made of mud and now layered with stone on the outside. It shows how simply Imam Ali عليه اسلام lived.

As you enter the house, there is a small entrance. Left side is a small alley which leads to two small rooms of Imam Hassan عليه اسلام and Imam Hussain عليه اسلام

The right side has a well. Ahead are two small rooms facing each other of Hz. Abbas رضي الله عنه and Bibi Umme ul Baneen رضي الله عنها.

There are taps outside the house on the right side, where you can drink and fill them in plastic bottles.

Know This

There’s a small security check before you enter and no cell phones allowed.