House of T.E Lawrence in Yanbu

Haunted House of Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence who became renowned for his role in the Arab Revolt (1916–1918) against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.091905, 38.063448

The home of famous British army officer TE Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, is in Yanbu where he lived during the Arab revolt against the Ottomans in 1916. Lawrence’s house has now been fixed and open for visitors to enjoy.

But the long-abandoned house is also the focus of a persistent local rumour that after Lawrence left, the building was inhabited by ghosts that haunted anyone who approached.

There are rumors about that house; nobody wants to go there even for one night because there are evil feelings which disturb anyone who tries to go near the house. Residents of Yanbu said that after Lawrence, the house is empty till today and nobody even came there since he left.