Nazareth Village

An excavated area that has the old ruins of Nazareth, it has been converted to an open air museum so that the visitors can see what it might have been like during the time of Hz. Isa عليه اسلام

Nazareth, Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 32.700081, 35.291617

Nazareth Village is an open-air museum in Nazareth, that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the Galilee in the time of Hz. Isa عليه اسلام.

The village features houses, terraced fields, wine and olive presses all built to resemble those that would have been in a Galilee village in the 1st century.

Village buildings were erected in stone, using first-century construction methods.

Muslim and Christian living history enactors dress in period costume and show visitors how farm, domestic, and craft work was performed two thousand years ago.

It occupies a 6-hectare site that was previously vacant hospital land.

Archaeologists have confirmed the site would have been a working terrace farm in Hz. Isa عليه اسلام time, probably the property of a single extended family.

Villagers dressed in costumes demonstrate how farming practices were done and talk about their daily life and work with the tourists.

Know This

Don’t forget the gift shop which offers a range of products linked to the life of Hz. Isa عليه اسلام, including books, art, costumes, frankincense, nard and mustard seeds.

Very rocky terrain, so wear appropriate shoes and watch your step! Has only been operating since 2000.