Spring of Hz. Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام

Also knows as Prophet’s Spring, it is believed to be the spring which provided fresh water to the people of jerico due to a miracle done by Hz. Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام

Jericho, West Bank – Palestine

Coordinates: 31.870398, 35.444797

It is also knows as Ain-es-Sultan, Prophet Elisha spring, Prophet fountain or simply Elisha’s spring.

It is a fresh water spring near the archaeological mound of Tel Jericho where remains of settlements were found dating back to about 8,000 BC.

This is referred to in Kings, chapter ii, 19-22, the waters which Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام (Elisha) healed.

Hz. Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام (Biblical Elisha)

Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام is a venerated prophet in Islam, Judaism and Christianity and for this reason the spring is also called the Prophet’s Fountain.

Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام is mentioned in Kings II 2:19-22 (by the name of Elisha) when the people of Jericho came to Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام and told him that the city had a good location near water but it was not good water and could not irrigate the land.

Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام called for a jug of salt which he then threw into the water saying that the water was healed and would never again cause death or unfruitful land.

From that point on the water was pure.

You can see the spring house if you look east from the top of the mound. It is a elongated building with a red tiled roof just across the road.

Note: Some of the information in this article comes from Christians sources.