Spring of Hz. Musa عليه اسلام (Ayun Musa)

Site where Hz. Musa عليه اسلام was directed by Allah to throw a tree branch which made the bitter springs sweet enough to drink, 7 out of 12 springs now exists

Suez Governorate, Egypt

Coordinates: 29.872890, 32.650003

The springs found 20 km South of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel in South Sinai, are a collection of fresh water springs said to be where Hz. Musa عليه اسلام, during the Bani Israel roaming in the desert, was directed by Allah to throw a tree branch, possibly a barberry into the bitter springs to make them sweet enough to drink.

The springs are located on the main Suez to Sharm el Sheikh road and are found behind a bedouin village settlement of the same name.

Today the spring is still brackish, and there is no tree in sight, but seven of the original 12 springs still exist.

Some are of the opinion that it is not the actual place. But it has gained tourist attractions.

It’s good place to visit and it’s consider as part of the most famous places in Suez.

One point to note is that the miracle related to water done by Hz. Musa عليه اسلام happened more that once. There are two more possible sites in Saudi Arabia where it is said that Hz. Musa عليه اسلام striked the ground with this stick and water gushed out from the ground.

Quran states:

And We divided them into twelve descendant tribes1 [as distinct] nations. And We inspired to Moses when his people implored him for water, “Strike with your staff the stone,” and there gushed forth from it twelve springs. Every people [i.e., tribe] knew its watering place. And We shaded them with clouds and sent down upon them manna and quails, [saying], “Eat from the good things with which We have provided you.” And they wronged Us not, but they were [only] wronging themselves.

Chapter 7 Verse no. 160

Know This

To find the springs, visitors should drive South on the main road to the Ayun Musa police checkpoint and turn right just before the checkpoint, head up the hill and the springs can be found approx 1 km from the turn off.