Talha Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in Sana’a (Yemen), built by order of the Ottoman Wali Haji Mehmed Pasha, during the first Ottoman occupation

Sana’a, Yemen

Coordinates: 15.354000, 44.212400

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Talha Mosque or Qubbat Talha is one of the oldest mosques in Sana’a (Yemen), was built by order of the Ottoman Wali Hadji Mehmed Pasha from 1619 to 1620, during the first Ottoman occupation. The minaret was built at the same time. Located in the western part of Sana’a, in the Old City District it often falls into the camera frame. Her short minaret at a certain angle looks like a pinnacle on the dome of the Mosque.


In 1831 and 1832 the Mosque was partially restored by order of imam al-Mahdi Abdallah, the son of al-Mutawakkil Ahmad, as evidenced by the inscription in the prayer hall.

The Talha Mosque was built 23 years after the construction of the Al-Bakiriyya Mosque. It used some of the same stylistic features.

Due to the small size of the prayer hall and the short minaret, the Mosque seems entirely appropriate to the general style of Sana’a mosques among the narrow streets of Old City District. But, like the Al-Bakiriyya Mosque, it is also an example of Ottoman architecture, successfully combining the different architectural styles of the Ottoman Empire and Yemen.

The Mosque is a complex that includes a prayer hall, minaret, courtyard, rooms for bathing, swimming pool and hospice.


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By yeowatzup – San’a, Yemen, CC BY 2.0,