Shoab Beach

Paradise to swim or dive, Sailing to Shouab beach in west Socotra is one of the most exciting trips on the island

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.580969, 53.399871

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First Heading

Shoab itself is the classic picture-postcard beach that Thailand wishes it that it was and probably once was before it was destroyed by unmanaged tourism. A four or five-mile stretch of pure white sand will be yours alone, and the water’s color is utterly mesmerizing.

This beach seems straight out of a dream. It’s not very famous because Socotra is still not a mainstream tourist destination. To reach this beach, you need to rent a boat that costs 12000 rials to bring you there.

Without a doubt, sailing to Shouab beach in west Socotra is one of the most exciting trips on the island. The sail starts from the large fishermen village of Qalansiyah. Your best bet is to leave for it as early as possible, especially if you don’t plan to camp in Shoab. In the afternoon, the waves often become so intense that sailing back might become challenging.

One of the best parts of this experience is the wildlife you can observe on your way to Shoab beach are dolphins, various birds, and fish. In addition to the dolphins, there is also world-class snorkeling available along with the cliff faces in the ethereal turquoise waters; we saw moray eels, groupers, sea snakes, stingrays, manta rays, black and white tip reef sharks and hordes tropical fish too numerous to name. The waters here are crystal clear, totally unspoiled and have barely been touched by tourism.

The beach is quite long, but aside from a couple of huts and two stone houses where a couple of fishermen live, the place is entirely empty. You will have this beach entirely to yourself.

There are no organized camping facilities, no eco-lodges here, and no electricity. It is possible to stay overnight, but you’ll only be left to what you have brought with you except that the fishermen would happily provide you with their catch.

But beware of the sun. Unless you set a tent, there’s no shadow to hide in on the beach, and the sun is merciless even before noon. So better apply high UV sun protection, especially if you have sensitive skin, even before going to the water, let alone after.

Know This

It’s a beautiful isolated beach and a must-visit while in Socotra. Best to leave early in the morning and spend the day there. Or you can camp there but plenty of mosquitos at night. No food or freshwater is available, so you have to bring your own.

If you are planning to dive, then you have to bring your own equipment.