Detwah Lagoon: The main beach of Socotra

Definitely one of the most impressive places on the Socotra island coast

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.710000, 53.500700

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In Detwah, everything is unique and pure, the endless horizon, crystal clear water of the ocean, the sea birds and crabs walking around the beach.

Detwah Lagoon is one of the most amazing places on the island coast. There is a camping site with toilet and shower rooms, where you can stay overnight. Freshwater is also available for your use.

Qalansiyah is the best start point for seeing the lagoon. After driving through the village, you will go up a low hill where you will be able to enjoy an incredible overall view of the lagoon. A slow strolling at the seaside takes about 3 hours.

At low tide, the outer sand bar is connected to the mainland entirely except for a channel directly behind it. At high tide, the lagoon fills, and while it is possible to cross, it also fills with stingrays, so if you choose to cross it – it is a long way and at your own risk. Otherwise, it is a long way around on the sand bar. It is well worth the trek out to the sea – the water is crystal clear and the temperature is perfect.

Know This

There are a toilet and electricity available on it. So if you stay in Detwah, take a chance to charge your camera batteries and/or other gadgets, just a few campsites around the island offer this opportunity.

Remember that camping owners do not offer cooking services. So, you have to cook by yourself or rely on your guides.

Do not forget to protect yourself against the sun and to take drinking water. When walking on seawater look under your feet, there are many small cramp-fishes in the lagoon, which wonโ€™t do you any harm but they are rather unpleasant in touching them especially by bare feet.

Image Sources

By Gerry & Bonni – Detwah lagoon, CC BY 2.0,

By Gerry & Bonni – Detwah lagoon, CC BY 2.0,

By Gerry & Bonni – Detwah lagoon, CC BY 2.0,

1621px-Detwah_lagoon_from_the_air_(6408251587) (1)
By Gerry & Bonni – Detwah lagoon from the air, CC BY 2.0,

By Gerry & Bonni – Beach at Qalansiya (360 View), CC BY 2.0,