Homhil Plateau

Home to a natural basin where you can enjoy a glorious view of the Arabian Sea

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.572222, 54.278333

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Homhil Plateau attracts tourists primarily by a combination of various kinds of trees growing in one place. It is covered with Dragon’s Blood Trees, bottle trees, Frankincense trees, Maryah trees, and beautiful landscape to the side of the sea. Also, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama view of the ocean. A natural pond in Homhill plateau provides a unique opportunity to swim after the heat of the day, enjoying superb views with a protected area where you can see dragon blood trees.

To get here, you have to overcome a steep winding road, one of the worst on the island.

Know This

When reaching the plateau, tourists usually leave their cars at a small settlement and engage a guide for taking a walk to a natural basin. The place is heavily accessible by a road that may be even dangerous in a rainy season. It is good to come here on a day of clear sky. There is no camping site here. You can drink a cup of tea and drive back to Hadiboh A caved part of the cliff has formed a tunnel. That is why it may be very cold on the plateau. Do not forget to take something warm to put on.


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