Dihamri Marine Reserve

Scenic red rocks reigning above the harbour and the pebbled beach covered with quirky coral remnants make this reserve breathtakingly beautiful

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.633056, 54.261111

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First Heading

Dihamri is located in the north-east edge of Socotra. It’s in a very short drive from the capital city of Hadibo, and next to the lovely Delisha beach, the sand dune of which is very well seen from Dihamri campsite.

Dihamri area is like nothing else in Socotra. Its scenic red rocks reigning above the harbour and the pebbled beach covered with quirky coral remnants make it breathtakingly beautiful! The red colours are intensified at sunset, making the entire area look surreal.

The diving centre is located in the village a few minutes from the huts on the beach.

Beach might not look spectacular, But after just a few meters of stepping into the sea, you will be astonished what is hidden underneath the sea. Around 80 different kinds of corals, amazing fish of all colours you can imagine, all sizes and shapes. Fantastic, breathtaking & worth visiting and enjoying for at least half a day. Once you are in, it is hard to get out of the sea. You can rent equipment for snorkelling on the spot, and it is not costly. There are shelters on the beach that provide shadow.

The corals here also used for decoration of the huts scattered on the beach. It is possible to stay there overnight.

You can relax on the beach in palm leaf huts and swim and snorkel in Dihamri Bay. Marine species you will see underwater include: Parrotfish, Moray eel, Rays, Sea urchins if you are lucky you will meet turtles. Divers can also use the services of Dihamri Diving centre and go for a dive in Dihamri or another of superb diving spots of Socotra.

Know This

Mind that there are no medical or rescuing services here.

Even if you are not a professional diver, but just a keen enthusiast (either of diving or snorkelling), do take your own equipment! The cheap plastic stuff available for rental in Dihamri will give you more torture than pleasure.

If you decide to swim, pay attention that the current can be powerful here at times. The beach in Dihamri is pebbled, not sandy, so you might want to wear swimming slippers to protect your feet. And beware of sharp stones in the waters.

Snorkelling is enough to see fishes and crabs. Still, diving offers a broader experience and given a chance to see sharks, mantas and even sea turtles, go for this option if you have a PADI certification.