Delisha Beach

The beach itself is not the best out there, but the camp sure is. Best place to stay in Socotra

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.688889, 54.128611

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Delisha is possibly the closest sandy beach to the capital city of Socotra, Hadibo. Itโ€™s in about half an hour drive along the relatively good paved road. Therefore many travellers start their acquaintance with Socotra from here.

Dilisha Beach Camp in Socotra is a nice hut right in front of the beach with electric plugs (working when the generator is running in the evening) and some furniture made of natural material which made the hut very cozy and by far the best accomodation available in the island. There are toilets and hot showers available. The staff are very friendly and speak both English and Arabic (as well as Socotri). The rooms are comfortable, and if you get an ensuite room, they are the best. All rooms face the ocean, and on a good day, you can take a swim but need to be careful of the strong rips here.

The sole sand dune of Delisha looks as if some sky giant dropped his sugar pot on the ground, where it cracked letting the white substance out. It is very well seen from Dihamri diving centre, located further eastwards along the coast. The sand is very fine, without any impurities. The beach is about a kilometre wide. Closer to the border, where the cliffs rise.

Know This

You may find Delisha a bit disappointing if you come here at the end of your travel around the island. But it makes a beautiful opening to the majestic beauty of Socotra. Donโ€™t miss it at the beginning of your trip.

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