Tomb of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام in Nakhchivan

Current mausoleum was built in 2006, The tomb consists of remains of the lower storey of a former temple which is said to be a mausoleum of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام by Armenian traditions

Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan

Coordinates: 39.195949, 45.412275

The Tomb of Hz. Nuh عليه اسلام or Hz. Nuh’s عليه اسلام Mausoleum is a mausoleum in the city of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan.

Architecture of the construction is dated from the 8th century CE.

Source is according to Armenian tradition

According to Armenian tradition, Hz. Nuh’s عليه اسلام tomb is located in the town of Nakhchivan.

19th century Russian and European sources such as the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary and John Foster Fraser noted that the local Armenians considered it a holy place.

The current mausoleum was built in 2006. The tomb consists of remains of the lower storey of a former temple.

There is a ladder leading to a burial vault.

There is a stone column in the middle of the vault. According to legend, relics of Noah are under this column.

A portrait describing the mausoleum of Noah 100 years ago painted by Bahruz Kangarli is saved in the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan.

Know This

In some cases there are multiple tombs of one prophet throughout the world. Only one site is the real one and the rest of the other are purported there for spiritual reason.

This website, according to the best of the sources availabe online, lists all the tombs placing the prominent one at first.

There is still no way to determine whether the prominent one is the real site and not the others as in most of the cases, the evidence found in others are really compelling.

Only Allah knows best which tomb is the real and which one is purported spiritual one.