Tomb of Prophet Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام (Elisha) in Diyarbakır

Venerated as a prophet in all of Islam, Prophet Al-Yasaa عليه اسلام (Elisha) and is also honored by Muslims as the prophetic successor to Prophet Ilyas عليه اسلام (Elijah)

Diyarbakır, Turkey

Coordinates: 38.253499, 40.098200

Some Muslims believe the tomb of Elisha is in Al-Awjam in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The shrine was removed by the Saudi Government because such veneration is not in accordance with the Wahhabi or Salafi reform movement dominant in Saudi Arabia. It had been an important landmark for many centuries during the time of Ottoman Arabia, and had been a very popular pilgrimage destination for Muslims of all sects throughout the pre-modern period. Another claimed grave of Elisha is present in the Eğil district of Diyarbakir Province, Turkey. The original shrine was near a riverbed that was to be flooded in 1994. Before the area was flooded, the grave was dug at night and the preserved body of the prophet and witnessed by the nine scholars and official workers, was exhumed to be buried on a hill overlooking the flooded plain. However, many of the townfolk saw the prophet in their dream that night, and turned out before sunrise to observe his reburial in the new spot