Valley of the Nobles

A big collection of tombs in the west bank of the nile in luxor where you can see a fantastic scenes that tells you about the daily life in ancient Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

Coordinates: 25.730808, 32.609307

Valley of the Nobles is located on the West bank of Luxor, and extends over a huge surface area to the South of the Valley of the Kings.

The Valley of the Nobles site includes nearly 500 tombs of Theban nobles and high officials. While the royal tombs were hidden away in an isolated valley, the Tombs of the Nobles were dug in the mountain overlooking the river Nile, as they wouldn’t have contained even a fraction of the royal treasure.

While the Valley of the Kings is rich is tombs with spectacular decoration relating to the next life, the toms in the Valley of the Nobles is wonderfully rich is beautiful tomb wall decorations which often show daily life. The condition is often outstanding with still intact paint colors. Fewer visitors provides a more relaxed opportunity to experience the site.

Know This

The ticket office is on the corner of the turn-off to valley of queens and you must buy all the groups of tombs you want to visit here. The tombs are grouped in 2s and 3s for each ticket. Once on site you walk through multiple sites of current digs to the entrances of the tombs. Each tomb has a single caretaker who if no-one else is around will give you a guided tour of their tomb.