Tomb of Merenptah

Discovered by Howard Carter in 1903, Tomb of Merenptah is one of the largest tombs in the valley

Luxor, Egypt

Coordinates: 25.740800, 32.601100

Tomb KV8, located in the Valley of the Kings, was used for the burial of Pharaoh Merenptah of Ancient Egypt’s Nineteenth Dynasty.

The Tomb of Merenptah is one of the largest tombs in the valley and is on par with his father’s (Ramses II) and his grandfather’s (Seti I) tombs.

Merneptah was a son of Ramesses II and Queen Isis-Nofret. His tomb (KV 8) is located in a small, lateral valley on the right side of the main wadi, was discovered by Howard Carter in 1903. Of course, Howard Carter was not as famous then, as he would not make his well known discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb until 1922.

The tombs has two descending ramps and at least four levels and some stairs. It is one of the deepest tombs in the valley.

Each pharaoh started their tomb the day after they were crowned. Merenptah reigned for 10 years, so this tomb was completed in time for his journey into the afterlife.

The high barrel vaulted ceilings give this tomb a very different feel, as if walking into an old church or crypt. Although not as well preserved in terms of wall paintings, the size and style and huge sarcophagi make this a must see, alongside Ramses IV.

You can visit three tombs with your Valley pass we selected this first (it is situated close to the gate) This belongs to King Merenptah well preserved and nice place to go.

Know This

All the tombs contain something of interest. However, in order to get what you are really looking for is to research each tomb before going to Egypt. Make a list of at least 10 and rate them 1 to 10 because when you get to Valley of the Tombs, all tombs are NOT open and you will have to choose. Know the name and # as only #’s are posted.

If you are caught clicking photos just be cool and pay 50EGP if you do not have photo tickets and the officials inside the tombs will happily go off.

Not the best when it comes to wall paintings but still one of the best in those available with the ticket that gets you into 3 tombs.