Deir el Bahari & Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

Fantastic setting and temple for the female pharaoh, the visual impact of the temple building, backed by towering mountains, with lovely large statues, columns and hieroglyphs will amaze you

Luxor, Egypt

Coordinates: 25.738060, 32.606940

Deir el-Bahari (the Monastery of the North) is a complex of mortuary temples and tombs located on the west bank of the Nile, opposite the city of Luxor, Egypt. This is a part of the Theban Necropolis.

The temple of Hatshepsut is one of the most impressive temples of Egypt judging by its history, location, and architecture. It has been built in a unique place in the body of rock so that it can be viewed from the river Nile and even from the other shore, where the temple of Karnak is located. While most other temples extend horizontally, the temple of Hatshepsut rises vertically and consists of three terraces, each dedicated to a specific subject. At the entrance, you can see the remains of two ancient trees that Hatshepsut brought from her travel to Punt.

Even though the son of the woman-pharaoh, Tutmos III, attempted to destroy the symbols of her glory, the reliefs of the temple remain untouched. You can even see the fish of the Red Sea on its walls!

Know This

Have plenty of bottled water and a wide brimmed hat, no matter what time of year (even on the coldest day in Luxor’s recorded history); Deir el Bahari is one of the hottest places in Egypt.

On your way in, have a look at the remains of trees that were brought back from Punt during the reign of Hatshepsut.
The guardians of this temple are very friendly and will take photographs of you if asked-don’t forget to tip them.

One of the most impressive way it to take a taxi to the entrance to the Valley of the Kings and just before the pay office on the LHS a track runs up the side of the hill. Walk up it and you will eventually end up at “Hot Chicken Soup” how people pronounce Hatshepsut.
Make sure you start early before it is too hot. There is a military watchout on the top of the moutain so you will be safe.