Wadi El Rayan

Three waterfalls in the heart of desert with very nice lake makes it amazing natural place to visit

Faiyum, Egypt

Coordinates: 29.215047, 30.421175

Wadi El Rayan Waterfalls are considered to be the largest waterfalls in Egypt.

Waterfalls between upper and lower lakes in the Wadi el-Raiyan (Wadi el-Rayyan), Egypt
The valley of Wadi El-Rayan is an area of 1759 km2, 113 km2 of which are the dominating water body of the Wadi El Rayan lakes.

It is located about 65 km southwest of Faiyum city and 80 km west of the Nile River. The Wadi has been used for man-made lakes from agricultural drainage which has made a reserve of the two separate Wadi El Rayan Lakes.

Mid of miles of desert, 2 lakes receive the overflow of Nile watering the Fayoum oasis. The first lake is dirty and it’s reddish water contains all the chemicals and other pollution of the oasis. It is separated from the other by a spectacular, and popular, cascade. The second big lake is majestically surrounded by the desert, and its clean waters hosts fish farms.

Know This

You will have to drive 3 km in a dirt road to get there from the main road and is accessible by any sedan. Avoid weekends if you can, it can be very busy with group trips.