Banu Ghifar Mosque

Situated on the south east side of Mount Sela, Bani Ghifar Mosque is situated on he place where the Holy Prophet ﷺ had prayed

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.471871, 39.602521

These are the ruins of Bani Ghifar Mosque, which commemorates the site where the Prophet ﷺ had prayed. It is on the south-eastern side of Mount Sela.

Hadith Narration

Ibn Zabala narrated on the authority of Hz. Anas bin Ayyad on the authority of more than one of the scholars: that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ prayed in the mosque at Al-Mutrafi’s houses, at the tents of Banu Ghafar.

And that those houses were the homes of Hz. Abu Rahm & Hz. Kalthoum bin Al-Hussain Al-Ghafari, may God be pleased with him.

This mosque is opposite to Juhayna Mosque on the Levant side, between them is a stone
throw, and it is smaller than the Juhayna Mosque on Sila Mountain.

The Bani Ghaffar Mosque, also known as the Great Cave of Bani Haram, is one of the famous
mosques mentioned in which the Prophet ﷺ prayed.

Tribe of Banu Ghifar

The Banu Ghifar was an Arab tribe that belonged to the Banu Damra ibn Bakr, a branch of the large Banu Kinanah tribe in the Hejaz region of Arabia.

They were sometimes derided as brigands and robbers by other Arabs in the region.

The formerly-polytheistic tribe converted to Islam in the time of Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, withHz. Abu Dhar al-Ghifar رضي الله عنهi being among the first of the Banu Ghifar to convert.

The Banu Ghifar had at least two sub-clans, the Banu al-Nar and Banu Huraq, who lived near the city of Medina.

The tribe joined the early Islamic conquests after their conversion, and some of them moved into Medinah sharif itself in later years.