Burhan Ad-Din Pulpit

Also known as the Summer Pulpit, Burhan Ad-Din Pulpit is a Mamluk era pulpit located in the southern part of the Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem, Palestine

Coordinates: 31.778389, 35.234596

This pulpit is located in the southern part of the Dome of the Rock’s courtyard to the west of the southern arched gate which leads to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Supreme Judge Burhan Ad-Din bin Jamaa’ ordered building the marble pulpit in 709 AH/1309 AC to replace a small portable one made of wood.

The pulpit has a small entrance which is connected to a number of steps leading to a stone seat made for the speaker to sit on.

It is topped with an attractive dome called the Dome of the Scale, because of its adjacent location to one of the arched gates that were known as scales in the past.

There are two niches carved in the body of the pulpit: one can be seen under the speaker’s chair while the other is on its eastern side next to the arched gate pillar.

Today, the pulpit is out of use, in spite of being the only exterior pulpit within Al-Aqsa’s compound.