Dome of the Ascension

Built to commemorate the journey of Isra and Mi’raj by Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Jerusalem, Palestine

Coordinates: 31.778217, 35.234989

The Dome of Ascension was built in commemoration of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) ascension to heaven (Al-Mi’raj).

It is a small octagonal dome based on 30 marble columns; the open space between the columns was later sealed using marble slabs.

In the past the dome was covered with lead sheets, but they were recently replaced by white stone plates.

The Dome has a niche pointing towards the Qibla, and its main entrance is located on its northern side.

What makes this Dome stand out is the smaller dome on top of it that looks like a crown.

The Dome’s accurate year of construction and its founder’s name remain unknown; it was renovated by Prince Ezz Ad-Din Ottoman bin Ali Az-Zanjabily, the Governor of Jerusalem, during the Ayoubi King Al-Adel’s reign in 597 AH/1200 AC.