Diksam Plateau

Home of the Dragon Blood Tree, Diksam Plateau is an extensive area in the center of Socotra. Thick with dragon blood trees Have a look at the valley, majestic breath taking views that will stick in the memory

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.424000, 53.943917

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Home of the Dragon Blood Tree, Diksam Plateau, and the gorge is definitely the most spectacular limestone landscape feature on the island. The canyon drops 700 m (2295 ft) vertically to the valley floor. The plateau’s sections have partially slipped into the gorge, leaving ‘lost worlds’ accessible only to buzzards and vultures. The plateau is home to nomadic Bedouin herdsmen who move from one site to another with their herds.

The forest in Diksam is the last Dragon’s Blood woodland. Nowhere else in the world can one find Dragon’s Blood Trees in such densities as growing here. There are areas (often right next to canyons) that are thick with dragon blood trees; others are sweeping plains of limestone. It is a great spot to have a picnic in the shade of one of the trees, so if you can go for it.

Kids from the village will run at you to sell frankincense and dragon blood tree powder, 500 rials for a tiny bag. If you plan to buy the dragon blood tree powder, buy it from the locals here, it’s cheaper than the market price.

Know This

Sleeping in a tent on Diksam is not a dream. The soil is very-very rocky and it’s hard to find a good place to install the tent. The night can be unpleasant; especially you spent the previous night on the beach. The temperature can go down under 16 degrees. The place is in lack of any kind of bathing facility, no shower, no toilette.

Image Sources

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Stefan Geens, some

Stefan Geens, some

Stefan Geens, some

Stefan Geens, some

Stefan Geens, some

Stefan Geens, some