Aomak Beach

Aomak beach is the longest beach in Socotra and the best one facing the Indian Ocean, given the fact that most of the others are located on the northern part of the island facing Arabic Sea

Socotra Island, Yemen

Coordinates: 12.342500, 54.020278

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Unlike Socotra beaches of Qalansia/Detwah, Shouab, Delisha and Archer (please see my separate reviews) Aomak is situated on the Indian Ocean shore, in the southern coast of the island.

The sand is white and feels like powder, a real pleasure to take a walk on it. There are some huts near the village, but other than that there is little to no infrastructures.

The landscape here is different from the one in the north or north-east of Socotra. The desert runs along the ocean coast. The nearby oasis of palm trees notably stands out of this otherwise deserted shore.

The seemingly endless horizontal (not vertical) white sand dunes near the village of Zahek, framed with the ocean on one side and mountain ridge on another, are fantastic photo opportunities. You’ll love wandering around it.

There is an organized campsite with electricity, basic shower and toilette facilities. And its keepers can assist with cooking if needed. Make sure to charge your gadgets here as not all eco-lodges and campsites in Socotra offer this opportunity.

Know This

Although the ocean creates a small harbour near the campsite, the current is nevertheless strong here. So be careful while swimming. And better apply sun protection even while swimming let alone staying outdoors on the beach. You can stay for a couple of days in the camp with all the necessary facilities like showers and electricity.

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