Footprints of She-Camel of Prophet Saleh عليه اسلام

Historical and spiritual, A shrine, according to locals, housing the footprint of an enormous She-camel of Hz. Saleh عليه اسلام in the bedrock

Salalah, Oman

Coordinates: 17.017884, 54.114821

Hz. Salih عليه اسلام inviting his people to see the She-Camel

According to the Quran, the camel was said to have appeared from nearby mountains as a miracle, yet was killed three days later by unbelievers who refused to recognize the Prophet Saleh عليه اسلام. In punishment a severe earthquake was said to destroy the entire city and its inhabitants.


The place is in in downtown Salalah in the Dhofar region of eastern Oman. Well maintained chamber housing the mount that depicts the foot print.

This rock holds 14 camel-hoof-shaped prints supposed to have been left by the she-camel of Salih, and two marks apparently made by Salih’s rod.

It is believed that the “Naqah” (camel) of the prophet saleh A.S went inside the rock which is preserved in this house as already mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

On the stone you can see two holes which resembles the foot prints of a camel.

Also spots of dried blood are visible just near these foot prints.

It is believed to be the blood of that camel because she was injured by the enemies of the Prophet Saleh عليه اسلام (ALLAH knows best)

The ground is wet and it is said that the water source is down there from where the camel used to drink water.

Know This

As in other religious sites, visitors are requested to remove their shoes and women should cover their hair.