Hz. Abdullah Ibn Abbas Mosque (رضي الله عنه)

One of the most ancient mosques of the region dating back to the time of the companion of prophet Mohammad ﷺ and his paternal cousin who later became one of the most notable exegists of his time

Taif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 21.256120, 40.392540

This mosque is believed to have been built by Hz. Abdullah bin Abbas رضي الله عنه when he first came to Taif.

It is said that this is where his residence and mosque were.

It is one of the most important mosques in Taif Governorate. It is not far from Mosque of Hz. Ali رضي الله عنه

This mosque is not to be confused with Masjid Abdullah Ibn Abbas (both are in Taif) as it has the grave of Hz. Abdullah Ibn Abbas Mosque رضي الله عنه just beside it.

Today it remains dilapidated, but in a beautiful architectural style.


The mosque is located in Al-Muthanna at the foot of Jabal Al-Madhoun from its east behind the Al-Muthanna Wedding Hall. It overlooks the southern Taif groves, the site of the early days of Taif.