Hz. Salahuddin Ayyubi Statues

Three sites of Statues of Hz. Salahuddin Ayyubi رحمة الله عليه

Damascus (Syria), Kerak (Joran) & Jerusalem, Israel Occupied Palestine


Damascus, Syria
33.511750, 36.300580

Jerusalem, Israel Occupied Palestine
31.776528, 35.227694

Kerak, Joran
31.182006, 35.702415


The Statue of Hz. Salahuddin رحمة الله عليه is an oversize equestrian bronze statue depicting the Ayyubid Sultan Hz. Salahuddin رحمة الله عليه located in front of the 11th century Citadel of Damascus in the Ancient City of Damascus in Damascus, Syria.

The statue was designed by Syrian sculptor Abdallah al-Sayed. It was unveiled by the then Syrian president Hafez Assad in 1993, marking the 800th anniversary of Hz. Salahuddin’s رحمة الله عليه death.


The bronze statue represents Hz. Salahuddin’s رحمة الله عليه victory at the Battle of Hittin, with him seated proudly and triumphantly on his horse accompanied by two swordsmen with Renaud de Chatillon and Guy de Lusignan whom he captured at the battle walking behind him on foot while the crown of the Kingdom of Jerusalem lies on the floor.


This fine statue of the Muslim hero Hz. Salahuddin Ayyubi رحمة الله عليه sits in the middle of a roundabout at the bottom of the town’s main shopping street.

Astride a rearing horse, sword in hand, this helmeted bronze figure is beloved by locals, who use the plinth as a popular meeting place.