Masjid al-Sayf

Once an open air mosque, this mosque is now converted into a small garden by israeli settlers, one of many attempts to erase Islamic heritage of Palestine

Jerusalem, Israel Occupied Palestine

Coordinates: 31.775628, 35.227817

The Masjid al-Sayf is located within the Citadel of Jerusalem, which is situated along the middle of the western wall of the Old City, south of Bab al-Khalil (Jaffa Gate).

It is most likely one of atleast two mosques inside the Jerusalem Citadel, other being the Masjid al-Qal’a.

The mosque functioned as an open-air area for prayers.

It served the garrisons in the Citadel, thus enabling soldiers to perform the prayers without leaving the Citadel.

In 1980’s, the mosque underwent some repairs which included replacing the old fountain by a new one.

Finally, in 1993, part of the open space underwent alterations by the israeli settlers with the aim of converting the mosque into a small garden.