Mosque of Bani Zafar

Demolished Mosque where the Prophet ﷺ and the companions used to pray and preach Islam, it is linked to many traditions mentioned in the Hadiths

Medinah Sharif, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 24.467618, 39.621809

Their village was the centre of Islamic propagation (da’wah) in Madinah, principally led by Hz. Musaib bin Umair رضي الله عنه prior to the migration of the Prophet ﷺ

When the first group of people from Medinah embraced Islam in Mina, the Prophet ﷺ deputed Hz. Musaib bin Umair رضي الله عنه to go with them to teach Islam and preach to others.

Within the area behind the wall there used to be a small mosque built there, in the area of the Ansar tribe of Bani Zafar, at the location of the original Bani Zafar mosque where the following event in the life of the Prophet took place.

Narrated from Hadith

The prophet ﷺ once sat there in the mosque of Bani Zafar and requested Hz. Abdullah ibn Masud رضي الله عنه to recite something of the Quran to him.

Surprised, Hz. Ibn Masud رضي الله عنه asked, “Shall i recite to you when it is upon you that it was sent down?” the Prophet ﷺ said, “i desire to hear it from another.”

So Hz. Ibn Masud رضي الله عنه started reciting Surah al-Nisa, until he reached the forty first verse which says, how then shall it be, when we bring from each community a witness, and bring you as a witness against those?

At that point the Prophet ﷺ said, “This is sufficient.”

He stopped reciting and when he looked up he saw the Prophet’s ﷺ eyes streaming with tears.

Later on various legends were weaved around the mosque, including that it had the hoof of the Prophet’s mule imprinted on its floor, so that it was called Mosque of the Mule.

Know This

As one drived away from the Prophet’s mosque, along the northern wall of the Baqi cemetery, past the inner ring, one will see on the left hand side in King Abdul Aziz street an empty piece of land enclosed by a wall with a metal gate in its middle.

Note: This mosque no longer Exist