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Jabal Thawr

Notable for housing a cave known as Ghar Thawr (Cave of Sawr), in which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took refuge from the Quraysh, during the migration to Medina Sharif

Mina valley

Commonly known as the City of Tents, Mina is a valley 8 kilometres (5 miles) southeast of Mecca, covering an area of approximately 20 km2 (7.7 sq mi) which incorporates the tents, the Jamarat area, and the...

Cave of Hira & Jabla an-Nur

The Spring of Islam, Jabal Al Nour or Mountain of Hira Cave is situated near to Haram Sharif in Makkah famous for Cave of Hira, where the first verse of Quran was revealed to Hz. Muhammed ﷺ

Mount Arafat and Jabal al Rehmah

Islamic traditions holds this place where the Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stood and delivered the Farewell Sermon, also the place where Hz. Adam عليه اسلام and Bibi Hawwa رضي الله عنه reunited on Earth after falling from...

Mount Abu Qubays

Everyone knows about the famous story of Mount Safa and Marwa but not everyone knows about Mount Abu Qubays which holds prestigious value as well in the Islamic history. History that dates back to the creation of the...

Jabal Az-Zaitun (Mount of Olives)

Having an estimated 150,000 graves, Mount of Olives is famed for having tombs traditionally associated with Hz. Zakariyya عليه اسلام Prophet Haggai and Prophet Malachi