Queen of Sheba’s Palace (Sumharam)

The ruins of Samharam are part of the Land of Frankincense UNESCO World Heritage Site and legend has it that Queen Sheba once lived in a palace here

Taqah, Dhofar – Oman

Coordinates: 17.039339, 54.430478

Queen of Sheba’s Palace is a ruined palace at the archaeological site of Khor Rori (ruins of the ancient city of Sumharam), near Salalah, Oman.

It was first excavated in 1952 by American archaeologist Wendell Phillips.

Khawr Rawrī or Khor Rori is a bar-built estuary (or river mouth lagoon) in Dhofar Governorate, Oman, near Taqah.

It is best known for the ancient south Arabian city of Sumhuram built on the eastern bank.

The area represents a popular tourist spot within Oman and is a major breeding ground for birds.

The port played an important part in trade over 2000 years ago.

Overlooking khor Ruri, the history of the settlement and port is showcased at the on-site museum.

The Queen of Sheba is said to have once had a palace at Samharam