Mosques in Yemen

Great Mosque of Sana’a

Dating to the seventh century. It's a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old City of Sana'a. According to the authentic Islamic scriptures traces the mosque's history to the period of Prophet Muhammad صلى...

Al-Saleh Mosque

The only Yemeni mosque where police and bomb-sniffing dogs are used for inspecting worshippers. Prayers are also broadcast over the national television network to reach a larger viewing audience

Al-Bakiriyya Mosque

Built by the governor of Sana'a, Hasan Pasha, as a tribute to one of his friends who is buried next to the mosque, Al-Bakiriyya is a spectacular example of classical Ottoman architecture

Al-Aidrus Mosque

One of the principal mosques in Aden, it is named after Hz. Abu Bakr al-Aydarus رحمة الله عليه, the wali of Aden

Al-Asha’ir Mosque

Its foundation is owing to the great Sahabi Abu Musa al-Ash'ari رضي الله عنه. Local tradition narrates that the mosque is fifth oldest mosque in the history of Islam, making it one of the oldest mosques in the world

Al-Janad Mosque

Considered the oldest surviving and the first mosque in Yemen built during the beginning of Islam, established by Hz. Muadh ibn Jabal رضي الله عنه

Mudhaffar Mosque

Part of the oldest functioning public bath in Yemen, it is one of the three most beautiful mosques in Taiz

Al-Ashrafiyyah Mosque

Located at the foot of Mount Sabr the mosque is attached with a madrasa and the shrines of a number of the Rasulid sultans. Also considered to be one of the most important centers in Islamic history of Yemen

Al-Mahdi Mosque

One of the historical mosques in the historic old city of Sana'a, Yemen. It forms a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site Old City of Sana'a

Talha Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in Sana'a (Yemen), built by order of the Ottoman Wali Haji Mehmed Pasha, during the first Ottoman occupation

Al-Hadi Mosque

Built in around 897, this mosque became the oldest place for the teaching of Zaidi maddhab in the Arabian Peninsula

Al-Abbas mosque

One of the oldest and best preserved Yemen's cube shaped mosque, A building with great cultural and historic value

Queen Arwa Mosque

Historical mosque in Jibla - Yemen, It was built between 1056 to 1111 CE by Queen Arwa al-Sulayhi and her tomb had later became the site of pilgrimage