Mountain Villages

Wadi Dawan Village

Noted for its mud brick buildings, Wadi Dawan is a town and desert valley in central Yemen

Al-Hajarayn Village

Impressive village of Al-Hajarayn, clambering up the side of a cliff and is among the oldest villages in the region

Historic City of Kawkaban

Built upon a precipitous hilltop, was once the capital of the Yuʿfirids Muslim dynasty (847-997). It was also home to a Jewish community, until its demise in the mid-20th century

Manakhah Village

This Village once home to a Jewish community, until their emigration to Israel in the 19th and 20th century

Al Hajjarah Village

Located few kilometers to the west of Manakaa, it has High storey buildings estimated hundreds of years old overlooking very steep valleys with beautiful terraces

Hutayb Village

Built on a platform of red sandstone, facing a view of terraced hills which host a score of villages

Hajjah Village

It is located 127 kilometres northwest of Sana'a, at an elevation of about 1800 metres

Kahil Village

The remote and isolated Haraz mountain area is literally undiscovered. Reliable trekking maps of the Haraz mountains are non existent.

Shaharah Village

Famous for its limestone arch footbridge, constructed in the 17th century by a local lord to connect two villages across a deep gorge

Jibla Village

Rest your heart among the little hills of Dhil-Sufal, gaze upon its expanses. There the air is as clear as crystal, the water is pure, and night brings even greater happiness

Hadiboh Coastal Town

Largest town of the small archipelago, Hadibu is also the capital of the larger eastern district of Socotra's two administrative districts