Beaches in Yemen

Shoab Beach

Paradise to swim or dive, Sailing to Shouab beach in west Socotra is one of the most exciting trips on the island

Qalansiyah Beach

Qalansiyah Beach is considered the most beautiful beach on Socotra island (some say on the planet)

Delisha Beach

The beach itself is not the best out there, but the camp sure is. Best place to stay in Socotra

Arher Beach

Giant white sand dunes, stream that comes from the mountain and run into the salty water of the Ocean, the crystal clear water of the ocean, all these features make Arher a perfect place for camping

Aomak Beach

Aomak beach is the longest beach in Socotra and the best one facing the Indian Ocean, given the fact that most of the others are located on the northern part of the island facing Arabic Sea

Bi’r Ali Beach

Home of a Beach, port, crater. Ruins of a Jewish synagogue were also discovered in Biʾr Ali, dating back to at least the 3rd century CE