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Jabal Thawr

Notable for housing a cave known as Ghar Thawr (Cave of Sawr), in which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took refuge from the Quraysh, during the migration to Medina Sharif

Cave of Hira & Jabla an-Nur

The Spring of Islam, Jabal Al Nour or Mountain of Hira Cave is situated near to Haram Sharif in Makkah famous for Cave of Hira, where the first verse of Quran was revealed to Hz. Muhammed ﷺ

Cave of Bani Haram

Used as a base camp during the Battle of the Trench, this is where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prostrated and prayed for his Ummah, also the site where tribe of Bani Haram used to live

Cave of Mount Uhud

Naturally formed cave on the side of Mount Uhud, It is where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took refuge after being wounded during the Battle of Uhud

Mount Ayr

Located in the south of Medinah sharif & about 8 kms away from Masjid al-Nabawi, It measures approximately 955 metres in height, making it the second largest mountain in Medinah sharif


Quba Mosque

Renovated and expanded a number of times since it was first built, Quba Mosque was the first mosque to be built by the Prophet ﷺ after his arrival in Medinah Sharif from Mecca Sharif

Nimrah Mosque

Located in Wadi Uranah, Nimrah Mosque marks the location where the Prophet ﷺ camped before delivering his final sermon on the plain of Arafat

Al Hudaibiyah Mosque

Mosque which marks the location of the historic treaty of Hudaibiyah, a peace agreement between the Prophet ﷺ and the Quraysh tribe of Mecca Sharif. Today, it is used as a Miqat for pilgrims intending to enter into Ihram

Masjid al-Khaif

Only opened during the Hajj season, Masjid al-Khaif is one of the most important mosque in mina valley where it is said according to many traditions that Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and it also knows as burial site of Hz...

Qiblatain Mosque

Meaning Mosque of the Two Qiblas, Qiblatain Mosque is notable for being the location where the Prophet ﷺ received a divine command to switch the Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca Sharif. It is one of the three earliest...

Bayah Mosque

Also known as Al-Aqaba Mosque, it is situated near Mina and it is the site where two crucial pledges of allegiance were made by the Ansar of Madinah, which led to the migration of the Prophet ﷺ to the city

Al Ghamamah Mosque

Situated on the site where the Prophet ﷺ performed the Eid prayer in Medinah Sharif and the funeral of King Nejash رضي الله عنه by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Al-Jummah Mosque

Located on the site where the Prophet ﷺ led the first Friday prayer after his arrival in Medinah Sharif

Al Areesh Mosque

Located in the city of Badr, it is where the Prophet ﷺ ordered to set up a pole in order to direct the progression of the Battle of Badr

Masjid al-Fash

Site Where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ performed Zuhr prayer with Sahabas with the injuries sustained during the battle of Uhud

Al Mustarah Mosque

Also known as Masjid Bani Haritha, Al Mustarah Mosque is a mosque situated on the site where the Prophet ﷺ rested and prayed upon his return from the Battle of Uhud

Al-Shajarah Mosque

Also Knows as Mosque of the Tree, it marks the spot where the Prophet ﷺ summoned a nearby tree which approached him and stood in front of him, before returning to its place

Ijaba Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in Mecca Sharif having been built around 3 AH (624 CE). The Prophet ﷺ is reported to have prayed in this location

Al-Rayah Mosque

Also known as Masjid Dhubab, Al-Rayah Mosque is a small mosque which marks the site on which the Prophet ﷺ pitched his tent prior to the Battle of the Trench

Banu Anif Mosque

Also knows as Masjid al-Misbah, Banu Anif Mosque is a mosque located southwest of Masjid Quba, the site where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did the first Fajr prayer when he first arrived in Medinah Sharif

Dhul Hulayfa Mosque

Also known as Masjid al-Shajarah (Mosque of the Tree), this mosque is the place where the Prophet ﷺ wore Ihram for Umra and Hajj al-Tamattu. It also serves as the Miqat for pilgrims travelling from Medinah Sharif to...

Al-Minaratain Mosque (Bani Deenar Mosque)

Rebuilt and expanded during the reign of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz in 2003, Masjid al-Minaratain is a mosque built at the location where the Prophet ﷺ had prayed

Al-Fadeekh Mosque

Historic location where Ayah prohibiting khamr (alcohol) was descended, It is also the location where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed

Bani Abd al-Ashal Mosque

Also known as Masjid Waqim, Bani Abd al-Ashal Mosque was a mosque in which the Prophet ﷺ once offered Maghrib Salah

Banu Ghifar Mosque

Situated on the south east side of Mount Sela, Bani Ghifar Mosque is situated on he place where the Holy Prophet ﷺ had prayed

As-Suqya Mosque

Situated at the spot where the Prophet ﷺ prayed and supplicated for the well-being of the Muslims of Medinah sharif, before departing for the Battle of Badr

Mashar al-Haram Mosque

Situated in Muzdalifah, Mashar al-Haram Mosque marks the area where the Prophet ﷺ supplicated during his Farewell Pilgrimage

Al-Juhaynah Mosque

Established for the tribes of Juhaina and Bali by the Prophet ﷺ, this mosque is situated on the southern end of Mount Sela

Bani Haram Mosque

Situated west of Jabal Sela, Bani Haram Mosque stands in an area where the Holy Prophet ﷺ performed a miracle during preparations for the Battle of Khandaq

Mughaisilah Masjid

Built by Hz. Umar Bin Abdul Aziz رضي الله عنه , Bani Dinar Mosque is built on the location where Prophet ﷺ prayed

Jawatha Mosque

Historical mosque in Al Ahsa, This mosque is believed to be the first mosque built in Eastern Province and it is reported that this is the second mosque in the world where Friday congregation prayer (Juma'a Prayer) was...

Al Ku Mosque (Mosque of the Elbow)

It is located within the botanical garden of Western Mountain route. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, when he came to Taif after being harrased in Mecca sharif stood at or near this place or leaned near it

Mosque of Banu Qurayza

Place where the Prophet ﷺ is said to have been prayed during the seige of Banu Qurayza

Al-Shaikhain Mosque

Also knows as Masjid al-Dara', it marks the spot where the Prophet ﷺ prayed salah on the eve of the Battle of Uhud. Also the preparations for the battle were made here

Hajeem well & Al-Noor Mosque

A well that is 1400 years old from which Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ drank from and a mosque in which he ﷺ prayed

Mosques with Sahabas

As-Sajadah Mosque

Also known as Ash-Shukr Mosque, As-Sajadah Mosque is famous for Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ prostration here after hearing a good news from Hz. Jibrael عليه اسلام

Umar Ibn Al-khattab Mosque

“Pearl of al-Jawf “ as said by some writer, this Mosque was built by the orders of second Caliph Hz. Umar رضي الله عنه who ordered it's construction upon returning back from Jerusalem almost 1300 years ago

Umar Ibn Al-khattab Mosque

Place where the tent of Hz. Umar رضي الله عنه was erected during battle of trench and it is where Hz. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed

Addas Mosque

Historic place where the Prophet ﷺ, after being injured by the poeple of Taif, rested here and where a christian farmer became first Muslim of Taif


The Blessed Tree of the Prophet (pbuh)

Also knows as "Tree of Boqei'aweih", under which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is believed to have sat and rested as a boy, when travelling with his uncle to Syria

Souq of Al-Habasha

Place where a souq existed during the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in which he used to trade before his ﷺ Prophethood

Alya Palace

Historic city buried under the sand, this ancient city was a famous stop for the pilgrims coming from Syria and also many traditions with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are said to have happened here

Mosque of Bani Zafar

Demolished Mosque where the Prophet ﷺ and the companions used to pray and preach Islam, it is linked to many traditions mentioned in the Hadiths

Place of Ghadir Khumm

Place where the famous speech of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took place where he publicly declated his love and affection for Imam Ali عليه اسلام

Monastery of Bahira Monk

One of the most significant Muslim sites in this area, This monastery is where the Bahira the monk lived and preached during the times of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ childhood

Sakhirat Al-Yamaam

The stunning black hillock of al-Yamaam, frequently mentioned in the accounts of the Pilgrimage route, is located approximately 46 kms from the Prophet's mosque (pbuh)


Al-Ghars Well

Located 1,500 meters northeast of Masjid Quba, Al-Ghars Well is one of the landmarks of Madinah sharif that has been linked to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Beer e Shifa

According to history, our prophet Muhammad ﷺ threw his holy spit into the well, when people complained about the Water, that was dangerous for their cattle. So after that it was known as well of wellness (Shifa)

Tuwa Well

It's a well next to which the Prophet ﷺ camped for one night, before bathing with its water the next morning, performing Salah and entering Mecca Sharif

Ar-Rawha Well

Located near Ar-Rawha valley where many historic things took place, there is a well. Once this well water was salty, bitter and not drinkable. On hearing this, Prophet Mohammad ﷺ spat into the water and it turns...

Al-Ahn (Al-Yusrah) Well

One of the well whose name was changed from 'difficult' to 'ease' by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Ezq Well

Another Historic Well which Prophet Muhammad ﷺ visited and drank from

Hudaybiyyah Well

Well in which Prophet ﷺ spat in, this dates back to the time of Prophet ﷺ and his companions

Well of al-Tuflah

Once a dry well, Historians says that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ spat in it and water gushed out for people to drink from which he ﷺ himself drank

Well of al-Khatim

Got it's name from the seal of the Prophet ﷺ, Well of al-Khatim is one of many well in Medinah sharif from which Prophet Muhammad ﷺ drank


Holy Relics In Turkey

Hırka-i Şerif Mosque

Given as a gift to Hz. Uwais al-Qarani (رضي الله عنه), Hırka-i Şerif Mosque mosque house the holy mantle of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Holy Relics in Other Places

Holy Relics & Al-Hussein Mosque

Mosque believed to be built on the site where, acc. to Shia muslims, Head of Imam Hussein رضي الله عنه is buried. It also house some of the holy relics of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, his sahabas and the Oldest complete...

Hazrat bal Shrine

Located on the left bank of the world famous Dal Lake, Hz.bal Shrine is the most revered Muslim Shrine of Jammu and Kashmir whose sanctity comes from the fact that the Moi-e-Muqadas, the Sacred Hair (Relic) of the...

Al-Jazzar Mosque

Inside the Mosque there is a box containing the hair from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and for this reason the mosque, built in a typical Othoman style, is considered to be very holy in the Islamic World

Letters To Other States

Ashtiname of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

After the Arab conquest of Egypt in AD 640, it was said that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ granted the monks of Saint Catherine's Monastery a covenant whereby their lives and property became secure under Muslim rule


Al Medinah Museum

Interesting museum that was once an old railway station, It gives you a glimpse of how people of Medinah used to live along the pre and after-islam era. It also provides a good generic information about the prophet ﷺ...

Dar al-Medinah Museum

Showcasing great collection of artifacts having extensive knowledge, Dar al-Medinah Museum is a great option to truly understand Islam and its history